Event reminder of 1 day synchronized as 0 minutes

  • Hi,
    I am having an issue with reminders of events.
    I am using nextcloud as storage and synchronise with two android devices as well as thunderbird.
    It worked well until the last or the version prior, not quite sure.
    If I add an event to the nextcloud calender (web) or thunderbird and as long the reminder is 30 minutes or 1 hour the synchronisation with the two android devices works fine. As soon I use a 1 day before reminder, the event is getting reset during the synchronisation to 0 minutes.
    The events are fine on the server, they get synchroniser properly with thunderbird, just davx is doing something different.
    For any suggestions I am grateful.


    I created two events “30 Minutes” prior and “1 day prior”


  • developer


    Thanks for the report and the logs!

    2020-06-18 19:17:11 2338 [syncadapter.CalendarSyncManager] Adding 51623ece-8bf3-4d93-8d3a-4f22055b6afc.ics to local calendar
        PARAMETER #0 = Event=[alarms=[BEGIN:VALARM
    2020-06-18 19:17:11 2338 [AndroidEvent] Built alarm 0 minutes before event

    So this seems to be a problem in ical4android/DAVx5: the alarm is created 0 minutes before the event instead of 1 day before the event. I guess the “days” property is not evaluated correctly. I’ll have a look at it.

  • developer

    This should be fixed with https://gitlab.com/bitfireAT/ical4android/commit/87e7f337f1e7341c3e8a2455f13b09cd0f401f24. Where did you get DAVx5 from? Can I send an APK so that you can test it?

  • Thank you for the quick response.
    I am using the google play store version.
    Sure. What do you need, an Email Address?

  • I received the APK and could test right away. I checked by adding some test events and it seems that the 1 day prior events are working again as expected.

    Thank you very much for the prompt action. Much appreciated.

  • developer

    @MiCado Thanks for the update. The fix will be shipped with the next version.

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