proposal to improve manual sync usability

  • There seem to be some ways to get into trouble with reliable auto sync, having to use manual sync to be sure. Also, sometimes you’d just don’t want to wait for the next timed update to be pulled from the server, but get sync done now.

    For these situations, currently the ways I know to trigger manual sync are either clicking down into the account in DAVx5 and hit “sync” for each, or doing similar in android’s account settings, … or use some extra app like syncer, which involves desktop widgets.

    I’d think here is room for a small usability improvement. Ideas for (more or less) small changes to make it faster/easier to start a manual sync:

    Currently the “sync this” circle button is at the bottom of each accounts’ config page; Having to navigate into the page where the config can be changed, when actually only wanting to trigger a forces sync, seems needlessly indirect.

    Thus I’d suggest to make the account choser buttons on the top level page a bit less wide and have (a copy of) the sync button for each one right next to it.

    For convenient checking if syncs currently work as expected/configured, it would be nice to have a list of recent sync events available. The low-tech way to make this viewable would be in the debug info text box.
    The nicer way would be to have it in a simple text box on the start screen, just below the account buttons.
    Having the text box approach would also provide a very intuitive place for a convenient “sync all accounts now!” button.

    I’d find such a UI change nicely focussed and calm, and I would then happily disable notifications from DAVx5, if on the main page there was such a sync start/status item (possibly being removable in the settings).

  • @TheOtherDoctor A note on the brute-force approach which other apps (example: Synker) use - providing a (possibly power-draining) desktop widget just to enforce they maintain a handle to run processes which Android otherwise does not like them to… honestly, when having to decide to either further struggle with an unwilling device or just sacrifice a bit of runtime for now… the latter is a tempting alternative. 😉

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