DAVx5 exits after renaming an account

  • Just a short note:
    Recently I had several times the situation that I had to rename an account in DAVx5. This worked fine so far, but immediately after the rename, each time DAVx5 exited. This is no major showstopper, as the renaming had been completed and the change is still there after restart… but might benefit from some review?

    As far as I remember this happened with the 3.1.1-gplay, when I had to import an account which had same name as an already present one. Sorry for this being somewhat imprecise, but I did not want to mess up my working config just to reproduce cleanly. 😉

  • developer

    Cannot reproduce this. Are you sure that this happens for 3.1.1? In the latest versions, a few rare occasions of such a problem have been fixed.

    If it happens for you, please provide exact steps to reproduce.

  • @rfc2822 No, I am not totally sure the upgrade to 3.1.1 was already installed when I observed this, might have happened on a phone where an upgrade got stuck. When you cannot reproduce it, and did some changes in that direction lately, I’d consider my observation invalid now and not worth investigating further.

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