is it intended that I have to go through the AppIntro fragment when changing between accounts?

  • Say I have two accounts in DAVx5. When having something set up in one, on the way to get into the other I have to pass through these new intro pages every time. This is somewhat strange. Observed on two devices by now, Android 7 (ok, Lineage 14 to be precise) and stock Android 6.

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    @TheOtherDoctor The intro fragments only appear when you don’t “finish” them. For instance, the permissions will appear when there are no permissions set. The battery fragment appears when whitelisting is not enabled and you don’t select “I dont need” this. Etc.

    So if you read the intro texts carefully, this should not happen. Which intro fragment(s) are we talking about?

  • @rfc2822 Sorry for being unclear - yes, as soon as I confirmed the battery page (which on none of my devices just went away from any of the all settings which dontkillmyapps and the like suggested - but that’s another story…), I can change between my accounts and no splash screens come anymore.

    The confusing thing to me has been that before (when I just wanted to setup my accounts first and the follow the details linked from the battery/sync page) , those 3 pages (from first splash page over battery/sync note to final support info page) even came up when I just changed between my accounts, without leaving the app. This is just 3 extra swipes, but felt like the app went right back into restart.

  • Short update, just for completeness, as meanwhile I could track this further down, and is probably limited to the (non-current) OS version: On a Lineage 14.1 device, I can reproduce the effect as follows: when I open one account, and then leave back with the arrow on top left, then and only then I get thrown back to the AppIntro. With using the system-“back” button instead, this does not happen.
    Reproduced so far on two Lineage phones, does not happen on two stock android phones (also when based on same Android base version), thus I’d conclude it’s just a Lineage weirdness. 😉

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