Etc/UTC timezone: VTIMEZONE doesn't have any components

  • Hello,

    After an update of davx5 on my smartphone (samsung galaxy A5), i have synchronization problems (see attachements).

    Can I fix it ?

  • developer


    Seems like the new timezone minifying feature of DAVx5 3.1 doesn’t work properly with the Etc/UTC timezone. I’ll have a look at that.

    Does another timezone work (e.g. Europe/London)? Is the UTC timezone intentionally?

  • developer

    How did you get the UTC timezone? Was this event created remotely and then you edited it?

  • developer

    Ok I just tried, but I couldn’t reproduce the problem. Can you please provide steps to reproduce the problem?

  • Hello,

    I undestand how to reproduce the problem.
    I uninstalled Davx5 and then reinstalled it.
    The synchronization was going perfectly.
    No more error message.

    I returned to my google calendar.
    Events for which I have been invited are considered “unanswered”. I went on one of them and then I “accepted”. Immediately, the synchronization error message reappeared.

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