Calendar problem in Waze app

  • Hello all,

    I have a problem with CalDAV calendars (supplied by DAVx⁵) in the Waze navigation app.

    Here you can see a screenshot:
    Waze calendar problem

    I can select the DAVx⁵ calendars in Waze to get notifications and also to plan my trip, but when I leave this screen everything is unselected again. Later I have found out that if I activate all calendar entries "Kalendereinträge (the first/basic calendar in Google or Android is called “Kalendereinträge” in German and also all DAVx⁵ calendars are named “Kalendereinträge”) they all stay activated. If I deactivate one, all get deactivated.

    Also there is a problem that I do not see the real names of the calendars in Waze, but it works in other apps like aCalendar+ and also the Google calendar app. This makes it complicated to see which calendar is selected and which isn’t.

    Btw, Waze works perfect with Google calendars. These selections and deselections work when leaving this screen again.

    I have also addressed the bug in the Waze forum - who ask me to also bring it up here.

    Looking forward for help and willing to give more information of needed and also willing to beta test.

    Kindest regards,

  • developer


    I suspect that both problems:

    1. missing calendar names (“Kalendareinträge” instead)
    2. calendars which get (de)activated by some logic

    are related to Waze:

    1. DAVx5 sets the calendar names correctly and other calendar apps are able to read the names,
    2. this “activation” is only for the scope of Waze, right? Otherwise, it probably sets the “visible” flag, which is a global flag, but DAVx5 doesn’t toggle that.

    Also, the “tested with” section on our Web site is only for servers, and it’s not exclusive (any CalDAV/CardDAV server should work).

    If there are specific hints for errors on DAVx5 side, please let me know.

  • Thank you for your quick answer.

    I would also say that you are right. I’m not a programmer but as the calendars work correct (including the names) in every other app it suggests that there is a problem with Waze.

    And yes, you are right. In Waze you can select or unselect calendars for which you want to receive notifications that it is time to leave from your current location to be in time for the appointment. As you only want that for some calendars (it does not make much sense for garbage collector calendar or also the Bundesliga calendar for example) Waze allows to deactivate/activate the calendars you like these notifactions or not.

    I posted your lines in the Waze forum and hoping that someone looks into the problem.

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