Doesn't regocnize Open Tasks preinstalled with /e/ foundation

  • Running /e/ on a Nexus 5x (bullhead) DAVx⁵ keeps saying that Open Tasks is not installed. But in /e/ this is a system app (foundation.e.tasks). Probably DAVx⁵ just does not have the permission to list those apps (see also "Open Tasks not installed"… although it actually is).

    Does anyone know how this can be granted? The android is nougat.

  • admin

    The permission is hardcoded to the “” package name, if the package was re-branded under a different name this won’t work. It must be the exact name otherwise a sync of tasks into the Open Tasks storage will not be possible.

  • Thank you @devvv4ever for the quick reply!

    In fact, I just found that DAVx⁵ is integrated into /e/ anyway. You just have to create a new WebDAV account in Settings → Users & Account → Add account.

  • admin

    So tasks works with the pre-installed version of DAVx5 and the taskls app on /e/?

  • Yes, working perfectly!

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