Copying/syncing contacts from other account contact stores

  • I’m a Nextcloud user, and one feature I really wish existed with the Nextcloud + DAVx5 integration is the ability to sync contacts from other contact stores on my phone. I cobbled together the following app from various sources and considered rolling my own DAVx5 version that included this feature, but I’m a web developer, not an app developer - I haven’t touched Java in many years. Any thoughts on including such a feature in DAVx5?

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    Thanks for the idea! Some manufacturers now include such a feature with their Contacts app. Here is one example from Samsung:


    However it’s not hard to get the contacts from one account to another. Simply export the ones you want into vcf files and import them automatically into a already created DAVx5 account. Then they will be synced to your Nextcloud instantly.

    We get this request occasionally but because there are already some easy ways to do it we’re more focusing on other things. We also made a tutorial video for that. Also if we would provide an in-app feature the next step of people would then be to ask for merging algorithms for duplicate contacts and that can cause so much mess…

    Hope that helps 🙂

  • Thanks for the response, @devvv4ever ! You raise some good points about duplicate contacts and merging algorithms, and I agree that such ideas are well beyond the scope of DAVx5. However, I have yet to find a FOSS (or even just freely-available) app that does a good job of simply copying contacts between accounts. Samsung may have one, but I don’t have a Samsung phone.

    My plan for merging the CopyContacts app I linked into DAVx5 was to create a new DAVx5 contact store for any existing contact store the user wants DAVx5 to manage. Basically, like you, I also wanted to avoid the issue of contact merging. Sure, this would create a lot of extra accounts/contact stores, but it would at least allow existing contacts to be merged (and synced) by DAVx5.


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