• Hello,

    Sins a couple of weeks I have a sync problem on my Sony smart phone, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.
    Android 5.1.1, Davx5 version 3.0-gplay
    Davdroid give a suggestion about solving problems in the power saving settings.
    I have disabled all de saving setting but nothing helps.
    On my Motorola device I do not have sync problems.
    The agenda is hosted in my Synology NAS, local.
    Here you can find the debug. davx5-info.txt

    Thanks for any help.

  • admin

    @overigj Hello, this seems to be a problem with this resource:

    Please delete the “Ria jarig” event and try to sync again. If it still does not work maybe your calendar storage on your Android is in a inconsistent state. You can wipe/reset it here: Android settings → Apps → System apps → Calendar storage. This deletes all calendars from your local phone (incl. also non-DAVx5 calendars). After the next sync they will re-appear on your phone!

    Does that help?

  • The item “Ria jarig” was not on the Sony phone. So i delete the calendar storage.
    I checked the calendar, it was empty.
    After a new sync items came back in the calendar but i did get the debug txt again and “Ria jarig” was still not there.
    I delete “Ria jarig” from the calendar in the Motorola phone an did a sync on the Motorola and after that on the Sony.
    I did not get the debug txt anymore and the sync was fast.
    Then I put in “Ria jarig” in the motorola phone and sync both phones, “Ria jarig” showed up in the Sony phone and no debug txt game up.
    So, problem solved, tanks for the help.

  • admin

    @overigj glad to hear you could solve it 🙂

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