How can I backup / export my accounts

  • Hi, I’m using Android 7 (Lineage OS) and I’m searching a way to export my DAVx5 accounts. As I had the same bug here with the 3.0 I uninstalled it as it was recommended here and and installed the 2.6. But that way I lost my accounts. I also tried to save them with Titanium Backup. But did not help. Could someone give a recommendation to save those data?

    I don’t want to share my data with google till its not End-to-End encrypted.

  • admin

    There was no need to uninstall it - the accounts have not been affected and background sync still worked 😉 But for your question: No, there is no way to export accounts yet. We’ve already thought about that feature but it’s very complicated because there are different versions of the calendar storage, of DAVx5 and of the Android base system where accounts are stored (these are system accounts)…

  • I would imagine a cache that only stores the input I did and that can be exported and re-imported to add the accounts simulated via the Android API. As if I had done it manually with DAVx. Just an idea ☺

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