• I am using Davx5 to synchronise various shared Exchange calendars via DavMail to my Android device. As these calendars are all the default calendar of the specific account they are all called calendar and are not distinguishable in the calendar app.

    Is there a possibility the redefine the names of the calendars or are there plans to add this feature?

    Thanks for your support!

  • FYI, this question has already been answered here:


  • Hi,

    The post https://forums.bitfire.at/topic/585/how-to-rename-calendar-locally/11 is almost five years old.
    Maybe the developer can take care about it once again.
    I have four calendars (from one account from a Nextcloud server) synced and I only see the account’s name.
    I can guess each time which colour belongs to whom…
    Other DAV adaptor do sync the name correctly.

  • I have four calendars (from one account from a Nextcloud server) synced and I only see the account’s name.

    Unfortunately I cannot replicate your problem. I’m currently synchronizing 12 different calendars with a central Nextcloud server and each of them has its own individual name in Nextcloud, DAVx5 and the Android calendar app.

  • @j-ed yes they have here also unique names.
    E.g.: I’m syncing with my account four calendars (my personal one and three shared ones).
    But I see only the full URL and the account name I’ve chosen in DAVx5. Not the real calendar name.
    Unfortunately I’m not able to provide a picture while I’m on my mobile. I’ll try later on the PC again

  • This is how looks like, if I open a cal item on my mobile calendar:

    So you only see the four different colours of the account. No the name I gave on NC.

  • @oliver-dav Can you please describe in detail how you get this screen displayed. My DAVx5 screen looks totally different.

  • I’m using “Kalender+” on Android 10. There I edit an item and than you can choose to which calendar you want to save it. Maybe it’s a “Kalender+” issue to display the correct name there? What strange is, that in it’s overview the names are correctly displayed…
    So conclusion: not a DAVx5 issue in my opinion, while writing these lines 😉

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