Not the latest version of an event is synced

  • Hi,

    • edit an event in Thunderbird Lightning
    • this is being synced with the local Radicale server immediately
    • edit the same event later on the phone
    • sync with DAVx5
    • on the phone the older version from Thunderbird appears, not in Thunderbird the newer version from the phone.

    How can this be fixed?

  • developer

    It can’t. If you want that, you have to force synchronization on the phone before you edit the event. In DAVx5, the server always wins and DAVx5 never overwrites data that has been changed on the server in the meanwhile.

    In DAVx5, the server always wins. This is not perfect, but it makes sure that there are no “edit wars”.

    You can see your scenario like this:

    1. Edit an event in Thunderbird, add important information like a LOCATION
    2. This is being synced to the serer.
    3. On the phone, there is still the old version without important information. Edit this event and add some unimportant information, for instance make a minor change in the title.
    4. Sync with DAVx5.

    Actual result: DAVx5 sees that the event has been changed on the server and uses the server version because server always wins when there’s a conflict. Unimportant information is lost.

    Your scenario: DAVx5 would overwrite important information with unimportant information.

    So, in summary: if you want to avoid conflicts, force synchronization in your calendar app or DAVx5 before editing an event.

  • Thank you for the explanation.

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