Samsung Galaxy S10+ Android 10 no calendar with Davx5

  • @rfc2822 I get this message inside logcat.
    But yes, i will post a debug info.

  • developer

    Thanks. These are the logs, please also provide debug info (DAVx5 / App settings / Debug info).

  • developer

    Android version: 10 (StockROM)

    Is that the default operating system that comes with the S10+?

  • Good morning,
    it is stock samsung OS.
    But its slim down version with root.
    Could you see the error or what is cause?
    I never had problems with me LG V30. This was very heavy modded by me.
    but not the samsung s10+.
    Any idea why?

  • developer

    the accout is add to the app, but not create a new calendar inside samsung os.
    So i cant see the calendar with stock calendar app.

    Sounds like either the synchronization is not running, probably because of battery restrictions (see also; or there’s some kind of “privacy guard” or simething like that.

    Unfortunately, without being able to reproduce the problem, I can’t really tell you what’s the problem on your device.

  • Thanks for the link.
    I guess the main problem is, no calendar is localy created.
    So i cant sync the cloud calendar with local one 😞
    There is no entry inside the samsung calendar.

    04-08 11:37:14.594 5328 5328 E Layer : [Surface(name=AppWindowToken{27c5792 token=Token{6b391d ActivityRecord{27cdf4 u0 t1786}}})/@0xc2007d1 - animation-leash#0] No local sync point found
    04-08 11:37:14.594 5328 5328 E Layer : [Surface(name=AppWindowToken{a2c1e7e token=Token{ceb5839 ActivityRecord{e7ec800 u0 at.bitfire.davdroid/.ui.account.AccountActivity t1798}}})/@0x27728c7 - animation-leash#0] No local sync point found
    04-08 11:37:14.594 5328 5328 E Layer : [Surface(name=478db6b - animation-leash#0] No local sync point found

    E BufferQueueProducer: [at.bitfire.davdroid/at.bitfire.davdroid.ui.account.AccountActivity$_12835#0] disconnect: not connected (req=1)

  • developer

    Did you try another calendar app, e.g. Google Calendar or aCalendar+ or Etar?

  • Yes i did.
    Even with Etar it does not work.
    maybe the new sync calendar is not create in calendar store.
    I dont know .-(

  • admin

    The calendar should be initially created when the user selects a caldav resource and one first sync is being performed. Did you try to clear the calendar storage of your Android and restart the device, then trigger a sync again? Did you grant permission to read/write calendars for DAVx5?

    In any case you should also disable battery saving for DAVx5 – I’ve seen in the debug log that it was’nt deactivated yet.

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