Which contact app is not able to decide the address book

  • I use oxygen Android and sync with DAVx⁵ some address books with my nextcloud.
    If I want to save an address I can’t decide the address book.

    Which contact app is able to this?

    Thomas Kluth

  • developer


    1. Are the calendar entries there?
    2. In Android settings / Accounts, are there “DAVx⁵ address book” accounts or only “DAVx⁵” accounts?

    Could be possible that the address book account has never been created yet, so there’s nothing to select.

    Also, can you please provide the DAVx⁵ debug info?

  • admin

    Hello Thomas,

    there are various chinese manufacturers that seem to patch out the possibility of choosing a specific address book for saving the contacts. You can always use different contacts apps. For example Google contacts or Simple contacts.

    Does that help?

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