• Installation and setting up the account is no problem.
    But the account is not visible in the contact-app and no sync-account is there.

    Android: 4.1
    davdroid: 0.5.1 from f-droid
    Server: radicale, only one carddav entry


    D/AccountTypeManager(  644): Registering external account type=bitfire.at.davdroid, packageName=at.bitfire.davdroid
    E/ExternalAccountType(  644): Problem reading XML for external package at.bitfire.davdroid
    E/ExternalAccountType(  644): com.android.htccontacts.model.AccountType$DefinitionException: #phoneticName must be supported
  • developer

    This is a “predetermined design feature of HTC”, please see here:

  • I found this website on my own this morning.
    How stupid could this be? Well, could you easily detect this and throw a warning while creating a new sync-account?
    So that people are warned, that this does not work at all?

  • admin

    Yes… It’s a pity with HTC 😕 I don’t think rfc2822 will make some platform dependent warnings, but maybe he’s writing here again… All we could do is to disable the HTC Desire 500 and other relevant devices in Google Play. Then people there wouldn’t see the app for their incompatible device. But this still does not help users that get DavDroid from F-Droid.

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