Just saying thanks at #ILoveFS day!

  • Hi,
    it’s ILoveFs day again. So I take this chance to thank you for DAVx⁵.

    It’s a great small and hidden tool running in the background and doing it’s job. As long as it’s running without problems, it is hard to notice, so one may easily forget what useful job it’s doing.

    Without it, syncing with Nextcloud is not possible, so this is one of the core apps you need to make it actually useful.

    So thanks for developing this app, AFAIK the protocols are really not easy to figure out, so extra points for all this debugging work. 😃

    Hope you keep up the great work. 😄

  • admin

    We appreciate you like it 🙂 It was and still is a lot of work, and we will further improve it over the next years 😃

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