No address associated with hostname error

  • Hi,
    since some weeks i got an persistant error in the app: unable to resolve host “”: No address associated with hostname
    When i change the setting “update this calendar” and save it and change it back and save it it will reach the server and the error disappeared. until next day or so.
    I can’t imagine that O365 has so much trouble to get reached (even if it’s Microsoft) so maybe another timeout issue or something else?
    Tested with mobile connection and different WLANs.

  • admin

    Thats a common error, which is not limited to office 365. The problem is, that the app is sometimes put to a deep doze mode and also the internet connection of the device is put to sleep in the background. We think the app is called for the scheduled sync while the internet connection or at least Androids DNS resolver is not yet ready to complete the request. Then the app is not able to complete the sync process. You can simply pull down the screen and trigger a sync in this way. Then the error will disappear.

  • Now when you mentioned it, i have indeed the app ‘force doze’ running and suspected it but i thought that icsx5 run smoothly for weeks. I will try to disable doze mode for icsx5.
    thank you.

  • @devvv4ever Is there nothing to workaround this issue (either in ICSx5 or on Android)?
    I see this message constantly, i.e every day.

  • @reox I would recommend to add ICSx5 to the list of apps which are allowed to run in the background:

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