Synology Card Dav Server: Account with spaces

  • Could it be that DAVx5 does not work with an account name with spaces?

  • developer

    Don’t think so, but it may be a (yet unknown) limit of your device firmware. Is there a reason for this assumption?

  • Thank you for your reply. I have tried to sync a carddav account to my android device and upon trying to connect DAVx5 came up with the error ‘unknown symbol at position 52’ (cannot remember exact wording) and this was where the space was.
    It’s an account named ‘firstname lastname’.

  • developer

    I see. Probably this was something else than a space, which works without problems. The error message is strange, because I can’t remember that account names are validated with such messages. If an account can’t be added (because of the name), there is a generic error message.

    If this is of further interest, please provide exact steps to reproduce so that I can give it a try myself.

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