• I tried today and it didn’t work for me. I didn’t receive any notification from mailbox.org either.

    My test:

    • I updated Dav5x to version 2.6.5
    • I created a new task in my PC
    • the task didn’t sync to my android device, even I forced the sync from dav5x
    • If a create a new task in my android device, then the task in synced


  • developer

    I have tried with our mailbox.org test account:

    1. sync-token is 1584973865082.
    2. Then I created a new task in the Web UI.
    3. sync-token is now 1584973939914,
    4. so the task is synced by DAVx5.

    Same for modified tasks.

  • @rfc2822 In my test, at the second point, in order to create the test task I didn’t use the mailbox.org webpage, thunderbird task manager (lighting) instead.

  • developer

    @chrpinedo I see. So this might be another problem like the original one.

  • developer

    I have tested with Thunderbird, and this works here, too:

    1. Sync with DAVx5
    2. Create/edit task in Thunderbird
    3. Sync again with DAVx5
    4. New/modified task appears in OpenTasks

    mailbox.org server version 7.10.2-Rev22

  • admin

    @chrpinedo said in davx5 not syncing tasks with mailbox.org:

    @rfc2822 In my test, at the second point, in order to create the test task I didn’t use the mailbox.org webpage, thunderbird task manager (lighting) instead.

    Are you sure that you put the task in the right task list in Thunderbird? There is a drop-down to choose the “Calendar” where the task should be stored. We used Lightning 68.4.1

  • Digging out this topic again as I’m keen to update to 3.0. I am on OX server version 7.10.2-Rev23, so it seems to be fixed according to your latest comments. Though, before updating Davx5, I’d like to check if sync works properly with my OX version.

    @chrpinedo @rfc2822 @shellshocker: Does it work for you? Which OX version is mailbox.org running currently?

  • I interpret radio silence as: Yup, works as expected with mailbox.org. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 😀

  • OK, took the dangerous route and installed DAVx5 3.0 😇
    Can confirm that tasks sync correctly with OX server versions 7.10.2-Rev22 and 7.10.2-Rev25, which are my current installation - except for recurring tasks.

    According to the OX release notes, the following bug fix filters out recurring tasks on the CalDAV interface from 7.10.2-rev23 on:
    "MWB-103 Recurring tasks can not be marked as done via EM Client

    The caldav servlet doesn’t support operations on recurring tasks, but it also doesn’t filter recurring tasks out.This has been resolved by just filtering thoes recurring tasks."

    That’s also what I can confirm: Recurring tasks on the Rev22 installation show up while those on the Rev25 installation are only visible in the OX web interface.

    Hope this might help the one or the other having trouble.

  • admin

    @schiri thank you for digging into this and reporting the outcome here. very appreciated! Glad that there is no issue on our side 😄 Recurring tasks and sub-tasks are supported in acalendar+ tasks and can be synced via DAVx5.

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