Broken icons in Account Settings under Android 10

  • Hi,
    I noticed that under Android 10, if I have multiple accounts/addressbooks, the icons in Accounts Settings appear to be broken:
    Notice the green circles without the logo

    The same setting under Android 9:

    Is this a deliberate change in Android 10, a bug in Android 10 or does DAVx5 need to be updated?

  • admin


    thanks for the report - unfortunately we can’t reproduce this. All of our Android 10 (production) devices show the icons correctly. Also the Android emulator has no problems in displaying the icons with single and multiple accounts. So I think this must to be a very rare thing.

    Maybe it’s a caching problem? Try to restart you device and see if it is rendered correctly. Which device do you own and which Android version of which manufacturer do you run?

  • It’s currently in the emulator only, I don’t have a real device with Android 10 to test with.
    I just wiped the data of the emulator and started with a fresh image again, but the problem persists.
    Hm, odd.

  • admin

    Hmm, okay. If it’s only in the emulator it’s not that important. Maybe it’s a problem of the graphics card of the PC? We run the emulator on a Ryzen PC with a Geforce GTX 2080. If you see this on any real device please let us know the specs of this device 🙂

  • Restart didn’t help.

    One thing I noticed: If I select the addressbooks one by one, and hit sync after each selection, it works properly. If I select multiple adressbooks at once and then hit sync I get the aformentioned issue. See the attached screencast.

  • So far the problem is 100% reproducible.
    A race condition maybe, if multiple accounts are added in quick succession and the emulator being slower then a real device?

  • @devvv4ever In any case, thanks for the quick answer. Good to know this apparently doesn’t affect real devices.

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