Davx5 don't aquire Read Task permission => error on task sync

  • Hi,

    After several install / re-install of davx5 on my xiaomi / mi11 I always have the same problem :

    davx5 don’t explicitly ask for task read permission (but ok with calendar read) . I have to go in settings/…/other and select ‘enable’ for task. The parameter stay after reboot but task don’t sync. No error message from davx app but explicit error message from settings/accounts/davx5/sync : error on syncing task … (in french on my phone)
    In the verbose log, i can find that davx5 DON’T have task read permission, unlike what is notified in the settings
    Did you notice English is not my native langage ?

    verbose log

    best regards,

  • developer


    Did you try uninstall DAVx⁵ and OpenTasks before installing/trying again?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your answer.
    I’ve immediatly try to :
    uninstall davx5 and opentask - reboot - reinstall from fdroid - add my nextcloud account

    Same problem with same log : every permission granted BUT READ_Task

    I notice that the permission I accepted is granted (write Task) but the denied permission (read_task) can’t be accepted or not in the system (no asking pop-up and no parameter in settings )

    Thank you for looking at my problem.


  • developer

    @psklb I see. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea why READ_TASKS can’t be granted on your system, nor have I ever seen this reported by someone else. So I think it’s some glitch on your system… 😐

  • Thank you.
    Yes Xiomi are good phones but Miui is sometimes too much locked.
    I’m waiting for a port of lineageOS on my device 😉

    Thank you
    Have a good day !


  • developer

    Ok, If you find out anything, please just post here. Or maybe someone else with the same problem finds this thread and can post further information.

  • I’ve the same issue.
    Redmi note 7 (lavender) fresh install from yesterday of xiaomi.eu latest miui11 rom (20.1.16).
    On the previous version of the rom I had no issue.

  • I guess it isn’t in any case link to davx5. I’ve dig inside the rom permission and “read_task” permission seams to be inexitant. Think it’s an issue with the rom itself.

    @psklb which rom did you install ? the one from xiaomi.eu ?

  • Same problem here, trying to fix it, since several days and nothing worked, hope Xiaomi is going to fix this bug quickly.

    Ive written a support ticket to Xiaomi via the internal option for feedback in the settings.
    Maybe you also should do that, that it gets a higher priority.

  • @Xlm Yes : MIUI 11.2 by xiaomi.eu 20.1.2 | beta
    Ok, Beta was probably not a good choice 😞

  • @jmoegele Done !

  • Same problem here, Mi9 running xiaomi.eu ROM. Also send bug report to Xiaomi.

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