Samsung Calender: every appointment is set to provisional

  • I use Samsung Calender and all appointments which I add using the Samsung Calender show up as “provisional” on other devices. This issue has been reported on Samsung forum at least since May 2018.

    I guess the field for status (provisional/approved/revoked, I hope these are the terms used in English Tools?) is not set by the Samsung Calender (or even set to the wrong value) and it only shows up correctly on the Samsung Calender because Samsung does not support this status field (thereby showing all appointments as “approved”).

    Can DAVx5 detect that the Samsung Calender is used and set the value to approved? Or would you add an option in DAVx5 to what status an empty field should default to (if applicable) ?

  • admin

    Not really… We only synchronize what is written into the calendar storage of Android and we can’t change values there. We have to trust the calendar app that the data that is edited there is correct. The correct value is called “Tentative”. We’ve had reports about that, too, for instance here:

    I think you can only use a different calendar app.

  • Thank you, that was quite quick.

    Well, you can set values there, how else could you update appointments - but I understand that there is probably no way to find out which calendar app made the entry in order to know whether they have to be corrected - or is there?

    As stated before, it if was an empty field (like null) or if a distinct value like 0 was used and
    1=tentative (thank you for the correct term)

    this could be recognized and there could be an (advanced) option in DAVx5 about how to handle that.

    On the other hand if it is set to 0 and
    0=tentative (thank you for the correct term)

    DAVx5 may not be able to distinguish an App that uses the 0 value correctly and apps like Business Calendar 2 and Samsung Calendar that have this issue.

    And yes, I understand and agree that this should be fixed by the calendar app, but as this seems to be an quite widespread issue it would be nice to add a fix if it is similar easy as thought of in my post. I doubt that Samsung will fix it, as it has been around at least 1.5 years.

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