Calendar problem: from android phone -> synology server

  • Hi all,

    i could’nt found any topic about this…
    synchronization from :

    1. synology server -> android phone: is OK!
    2. android phone -> synology server : does not synchronize at all !!
      any ideas?

    Thank you

    SOLVED: i forgot to add all nessesary ports
    Synology->control panel->external access->router configuration->
    CardDav Server 8008 TCP
    CardDav Server 8443 TCP
    WebDav Server 5005 TCP
    WebDav Server 5006 TCP


  • admin


    I don’t think the ports did have something to do with it because when if one direction (as #1) works that ensures that the connection was setup correctly. Maybe you just didn’t choose the right calendar destination when you created an event?

    Anyway good that you solved it 😉

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