Information message after manual sync!

  • Hi there,
    what I miss with the app when syncing manually is a message when syncing is complete:
    What was synchronized !?

    In the moment the app is a “black box”… and you have no idea what happened …

    That is anoying!

  • developer


    You can see the sync status in the progress bar. For instance, when the progress bar is running in the CardDAV tab of an account, synchronization of an address book of this account is active.

    In the moment the app is a “black box”… and you have no idea what happened …

    That’s how it’s designed. I don’t want to be bombed with messages about synchronizations and logs in the normal use case. If you need debug information, you can turn on verbose logging anytime.

  • developer

    I have just added the Service tab section to the manual where the meaning of the progress bars (animated, semi-transparent etc.) are explained.

    I hope with this information you now have more status info.

  • Well, there is a difference between a complete logging of all sync processes (verbose logging) and a targeted information!

    What I am missing is a message when contacts have actually been synchronized … this also means: No message if there was no synchronization of contacts (= no changes within the contacts).

    If contacts were synchronized an information could appear as messages:
    “Data was synchronized via DAVx5 with 5 contacts.”

    … and such a message only appears now and then… but you know that the synchronization has actually taken place.

  • admin

    Thank you for the idea. I’ve added it to our already pretty long roadmap.

  • @kgurr I miss such messages, too

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