Carddav - some contacts keep unsynced

  • Hi there,
    I am using Davx4 on a LineageOS Samsung S5 device and a Nextcloud 17.0.2 Server.
    I ve created a contact on the 01.12.2019 on Thunderbird (Cardbook) and it got synced to my Nextcloud (it is there - I can find it in the browser). Somehow the DAVx5 does not get the contact from the Nextcloud though. How can I see any Logs of DAVx5 to see what is going on?

    I updated a contact on my phone today which successfully synced to Nextcloud and reached my Thunderbird. So in general the connections do work …

  • Hi there,
    I also have a problem syncing contacts.

    My problem is that some contacts that are on my Android device are not synchronized to the server ( in the address book there. No idea why!

    My expectation is very simple: All contacts that in my Android device have to be be synchronized on the server.


  • developer


    @kgurr said in Carddav - some contacts keep unsynced:

    My expectation is very simple: All contacts that in my Android device have to be be synchronized on the server.

    Only the accounts in the DAVx⁵ accounts will be synchronized. DAVx⁵ won’t access other accounts.

    Does help?

  • admin

    @kgurr Maybe interesting for you - in newer Android versions the contacts apps offer a new option to copy contacts from SIMcard/Phone/GoogleAccount to another like a DAVx5 account. This is a little more convenient that manually export/import the vcf files.

  • Yes, I am aware of that.
    I have a “main address book” with over 1000 addresses…
    Of the 1237 contacts that my contacts app shows me, only 1229 are synchronized.

    I noticed this by accident… because I miss one contact.

    In other words: the contacts from the address book are synchronized, but some from the same address book are missing!


  • developer

    @kgurr Which ones? Is there any pattern? Are you sure that the 1237 contacts are real contacts in the Android contact storage which can actually be synchronized?

    Without more information, it’s hard to tell what has happened… if you know which contacts this is about, you can then generate DAVx⁵ logs and see whats happening with them. In our tests, synchronizing thousands of contacts works without problems.

  • Hallo,
    können wir auch auf Deutsch kommunizieren?

  • @devvv4ever
    Could you tell me the name of one or two apps you made good experiences?

  • admin

    @kgurr In my case I’ve looked that option up in Samsung contacts app. But I don’t know if this has been introduced to other apps as well… Screenshot_20200110-155210_Contacts.jpg

  • @rfc2822 I hijack “my” thread back. By now I ve figured out how to switch on the logging. For me the logs don t look suspicious. It ends like this:

    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21945 [syncadapter.SyncManager] fe037998-66c1-4f73-961a-4757eee39f03.ics has not been changed on server (ETag still 65293e6b2b3506150e3ecacff12e6066)
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Deleting entries which are not present remotely anymore
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Removed 0 local resources which are not present on the server anymore
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Post-processing
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [AndroidTaskList] Touching relations to set parent_id
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [syncadapter.TasksSyncManager] Touched 0 relations
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [syncadapter.SyncManager] Saving sync state
    	PARAMETER #0 = {"type":"SYNC_TOKEN","value":"http:\/\/\/ns\/sync\/333"}
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 2 [CustomCertService] CustomCertService destroyed
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [syncadapter.TasksSyncAdapterService] Task sync complete
    2020-01-10 22:06:49 21906 [syncadapter.SyncAdapterService] Sync for (org.dmfs.tasks, Account {name=Fabzgy@hetzner,}) finished

    I can t see any errors or timeouts …

  • Finally, after some searching, I found an app:
    “Copy Contacts” from AlefSoft
    The app works perfectly on my device to copy contacts into the DAVx5 phone book.

  • developer

    @kgurr Thanks for the update! We have already linked it on

  • Yes, but with “Copy Contacts” people will not find this specific app!
    With the search string “android app copy contacts” the app that helped me is unfortunately not listed.

    The app is only found with the addition of the programmer “AlefSoft”

    With the search string “android app copy contacts AlefSoft” finally the app appears 😉

  • Hey guys, this is NOT what this thread is about. I know how to copy contacts. My problem is, that not all contacts on my Nextcloud Servcer get synced on my Android device. Please stop derailing the thread!

  • admin

    @Fabzgy try to create verbose logs: DAVx5 → App-Settings → Activate Verbose logs. Then force a sync and send us the logs.

  • @devvv4ever Thats is what I did (partly) 11 days ago in this very thread without anyone referring to it. The logs are big though. If you want to have the complete logs I d rather send them directly to someone…

  • developer


    Thats is what I did (partly) 11 days ago in this very thread without anyone referring to it.

    These are only the end lines which do not contain useful information. I would need to see how many contacts the server offers, and how many DAVx5 downloads.

    So yes, the complete logs are required. Please send them to or if you don’t want to send them by email, you can use the secure contact form.

    Could you also possible provide a test account so we could reproduce the problem ourselves?

  • I ve just sent the logs (2.8 MB) to the followng Mail adress:

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