• Great work with DAVx5, and I love the new option to activate default reminders for events that don’t have any. I would love that for all-day event too. For example the birthday calendar feed my provider creates from my contacts has no reminders. As I do not always check my agenda, I could miss a birthday. Having an option to get a notification for such events would be great…

  • admin

    We appreciate you like DAVx5 🙂 We’ve of course thought a lot about this option because it has been implemented due to a Managed DAVx5 customer request who were in need of this because their server was not able to set VALARMs in the web view. They preferred it to be in the way Apple handles this with iPhones (only auto-reminders for non-all-day-events) and we decided to be the same for now.

    But we see the rare use case for birthday calendars - however this might be problematic if birthday calendars are read-only calendars. We have to look at thse cases also. Nevertheless we will consider adding a seperate option for this, but just for now we want the new setting to stabilize and then we can look further 🙂

    Meanwhile you could work-around this by using Calendar apps that offer this option directly for birthdays (Business Calendar 2 has this option).

  • Thank you so much for the reply. I was not aware that for this to work, the CalDAV client had to write this into the remote calendar (and thus require a calendar with r/w privileges) - I thought it could be added only locally during sync.

    I am actually using BC2, so I will give their birthday calendar implementation a spin.

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