What's the current state of DAVx5's Horde5 Caldav (Kronolith) & Carddav (Turba) support?

  • What’s the current DAVx support status for Horde 5’s caldav/cardav servers?

    Specifically, ‘kronolith’ & ‘turba’:


    The DAVx ‘test with’ page


    is old (Dec 2018), and makes no mention of Kronolith/calendar support …

  • developer

    @r5l259 said in What's the current state of DAVx5's Horde5 Caldav (Kronolith) & Carddav (Turba) support?:

    and makes no mention of Kronolith/calendar support …

    When it was tested, there was already Kronolith/Turba, as far as I remember.

    If you have up-to-date information about (maybe better?) CalDAV/CardDAV support of Horde, please let us know, so that we can update the page.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t. I’m looking for a reliable/lightweight, local, backend server solution on linux, that works well with DAVx android clients.

    Radicale – a lightweight and functional local fave for a long while – is, unfortunately, dying a slow death of neglect.

    Standalone SabreDav is a deployment challenge. fruux appears to be online service only? baikal might be alive again?

    OwnCloud/NextCloud is bloated/overkill for such use … and devs don’t appear interested in use-cases other than their standalone-server ones.

    Zimbra, Horde, Kolab, Cyrus, etc. all provide CalDAV/CardDAV options, but come with their own full-blown IMAP installs, iiuc. Again, overkill.

    Of those, Horde appears? to be possibly the lightest weight … hence my question here.

  • developer

    I see. There are some options… Radicale, Baïkal, Calendar and Contacts Server should all work for you. Or of course you can use a bigger project like Nextcloud or SOGo. CalDAV/CardDAV support of Horde is not that great; it seems that it was not designed for that and so there are some problems (just search for Horde in this forum). But basically it works, so it’s absolutely possible.

  • @r5l259, you wrote you consider the Radicale server project to be slowly dying. May I draw your attention to the fact that Radicale recently released an update to new version 3.0 with a rather big set of changes? Maybe what you have interpreted as being neglected has been just lots of work going on silently? 😉
    The v3.0.3 got released little more than a week ago, looks to me like this is moving again…

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