• Hi,
    I’m using calendars and tasks heavily.
    Would it be possible to auto push updates if there was an change on another device/from another user?
    Waiting 15 mins is not sooo nice.
    Imaging you are on the grocery store with your wife with two mobile phones. Or if you are working in a litte team on Tasks on multipe PCs and mobile phones.
    A live sync would be awesome, is this possible?
    Thanks for your great work!

  • admin

    Thank you, we appreciate you like the app 🙂

    Unfortunately this is not possible because CalDAV (and it’s implementations) do not offer a push service. Theoretically this could be done if

    • a new standard is created for it and
    • servers and clients implement this

    But as you can imagine - this would take years to be established. And it would still be hard because there are other issues like privacy/data protection, server infrastructure (Google service, another dedicated service, decentralized own server for handling push notifications) and if done on the client side the power saving and stand-by model of Android is also a non-trivial problem. We often thought about that already but this would be a “mammoth project”.

  • Thanks for your detailed explanation.
    Keep up the good work!

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