• What will happen if I delete a DAVx5 configuration for a nexcloud server? Will this delete all the data (address books, contacts, caldars) connected to the nexcloud server on my Android device as well?

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    If you delete the DAVx5 account that is connected to Nextcloud, nothing will be deleted on the server. Only all local address books, calendars and tasks will be deleted from the device. However if some events/contacts have not been synchronized before (which you entered on your Android) you will loose these too.

  • @devvv4ever Thanks for the fast replay! Thaht is the behaviour I expected. In my case it is good that the data are removed from the device.

  • I found an old mobile and tried it. After removing the DAVx5 configuration, also the data in the calendar and tasks disapeared. This is what I expected.

    But DAVx5 address book remains in the phone. I deleted the account in the google settings, and after that the also the DAVx5 address book disappeared.

    I just want to add this, if someone else has the same issue.

    The reason was maybe that I configured my DAVx5 address book as default in the google contacts app. But anyway I would expect that DAVx5 also removes its data from the goolge contacts app. Is that a bug?

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    If a DAVx5 account is being deleted all local data and accounts are deleted. At least this is the intended behaviour 🙂 We can’t control if this is really performed by the system, as we hand over these operations to the system when the user makes this action. Accounts can also be controlled outside of the specififc app.

  • ok, seems in my case to be controlled by Android. What would you recommand? First to delete the account settings within DAVx5, and in case something is left delete accounts via the Android settings?

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    yes, exactly. the best would be to delete the account from within the app!

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