no mail notifications when inviting persons to a meeting (

  • Hello,

    I’m using an Android device with Lineage OS 16 without Google Services and I have an account at
    DAVx5 and default Android calendar are installed on the device.

    When I’m inviting a person or persons (with a mail address) to a meeting using the web interface they’ll get a mail with the invitation.
    When I’m inviting the same person or persons to a meeting using the default Android calendar app they won’t get a mail with the invitation.
    I also tried it with the calendar app Etar, as well without success.

    I would be very happy, if there’s a solution to that. But I don’t even know, if it’s a problem with DAVx5, the used calendar app or at Thanks for help.

  • admin


    When you add attendees to an event, DAVx⁵ sets the RSVP=TRUE property for the attendees, which means that a response is expected. If supported by the server, the server sends invitations to the attendees (for instance, by email). DAVx⁵ doesn’t send invitation emails on its own.

    However I don’t know if uses this value to send invitations also from third party apps like DAVx5…

    Maybe you can ask the team.

  • Hello, i was able to ask, which is using Open Xchange and got the following answer:

    Currently we do not consider this parameter at all. Instead we are using “calendar-auto-scheduling” as described in :

    When a calendar object resource is created, modified, or removed from
    a calendar collection, the server examines the calendar data and
    checks to see whether the data represents a scheduling object
    resource. If it does, the server will automatically attempt to
    deliver a scheduling message to the appropriate calendar users.
    Several types of scheduling operations can occur in this case,
    equivalent to iTIP “REQUEST”, “REPLY”, “CANCEL”, and “ADD”

    So for the described case OX should send notifications anyway. However the meaning of RSVP=TRUE as we understand it is not to tell the server to send a notification or not - this setting is more to request a participation status reply from the participant (like: “Do you want to participate? yes/no”).

    Does this help?

  • developer

    When I’m inviting the same person or persons to a meeting using the default Android calendar app they won’t get a mail with the invitation.

    Is the account name your email address?

  • Within your app the account has another name, e.g. “mailbox”. But I’m not sure if you mean that.
    For signing in to within your app the username has to be a mail address.
    The calendar as shown in the calendar app is called " calendar".
    BTW: I’m using etar as calendar app atm.

  • developer

    The account name must be the same as the email address for scheduling.

    Can you please provide your debug info to be sure?

  • Thanks a lot for the hint, that the account has to have the name of my mail address.
    I renamed my account, created an event and the invitation (mail) was sent and recieved.

    Unfortunately there is no option to accept/decline the invitation within the mail.
    I hope it’s an setting issues as well and I did something wrong?

  • developer

    @anyone No, seems to be a DAVx5 problem. I’ll send an APK, please test with that one.

  • Hello and yes, the new version is working - at least within the browser interface of
    I’m looking forward to seeing this version in F-Droid.
    Within my android mail app (FairEmail) it doesn’t work but since it works generally I’ll contact the developer.
    Thank you very much!

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