no mail notifications when inviting persons to a meeting (

  • Hello,

    I’m using an Android device with Lineage OS 16 without Google Services and I have an account at
    DAVx5 and default Android calendar are installed on the device.

    When I’m inviting a person or persons (with a mail address) to a meeting using the web interface they’ll get a mail with the invitation.
    When I’m inviting the same person or persons to a meeting using the default Android calendar app they won’t get a mail with the invitation.
    I also tried it with the calendar app Etar, as well without success.

    I would be very happy, if there’s a solution to that. But I don’t even know, if it’s a problem with DAVx5, the used calendar app or at Thanks for help.

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    When you add attendees to an event, DAVx⁵ sets the RSVP=TRUE property for the attendees, which means that a response is expected. If supported by the server, the server sends invitations to the attendees (for instance, by email). DAVx⁵ doesn’t send invitation emails on its own.

    However I don’t know if uses this value to send invitations also from third party apps like DAVx5…

    Maybe you can ask the team.

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