Shared Tasks not shown in Android (

  • Hello there,
    first of all thanks a lot for this great app.
    I don’t know what I wold do without it.

    Unfortunately I have a little problem:
    I’m using an Android device with Lineage OS 16 without Google Services and I have an account at
    DAVx5 and OpenTasks are installed on the device.
    At I have different task folders and tasks.
    Some of the folders and tasks are shared with another person (a team member).
    Unfortunately these folders and tasks aren’t shown in DAVx5 and OpenTasks.
    I can only see and manage those, that aren’t shared with anyone.

    I would be very happy, if there’s a solution to that. Thanks in advance.

  • admin


    Basically it depends on the server how resources are shared. There are different mehods how this can be solved, but DAVx5 does support this in its resource detection process (either in the first setup or when you refresh the collection list in the CalDAV tab in your DAVx5 account). DAVx5 asks the server for the homeset/principal path of the user and then displays all the resources provided by the server. If a resource is shared and (for example) linked to the homeset of the person whom this is shared with the resource can be accessed by that person in DAVx5, too. But I don’t know how this is solved within Does calendar sharing work?

  • Hello,

    as it seems Open Xchange doesn’t support sharing tasks at the moment.
    Sharing calendars is working.
    So thanks anyway!

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