Use Adressbook in Synology Calendar?

  • Hi guys,

    I just set up my Samsung phone just as meantioned in the Tutorial.
    I installed the Calendar package on the DSM and stopped the WebServer.
    Then I connected DAVx5 on my phone with the Synology NAS and synchronised the Calendar and the tasks.
    I was suprised that I another tab “caddav” next to “calDdav” and"webcal". I even could create an new addressbook. (Addresse: IP:Port/caldav.php/{USER}/4346…/ )
    I could save a new contact in this addressbook. But I cannot find this contact in the DSM.
    Do you know where these contacts are stored? Is this a good alternative to the CARDDAV Package? In this way I could sync Calendar, tasks and contacts with just on account.

    Best regards and thanks

  • developer


    Please see

    The Calendar package seems to provide a CardDAV service, too. This is why “CardDAV” appears in DAVx⁵ accounts created for Synology Calendar. You can even create an address book using DAVx⁵. However, this feature is not officially supported and there’s no user interface in the Calendar package. So, use the CardDAV server package instead (see below).

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