Davmail: Only extra calendars are synced

  • Hello everyone,

    I run davx5 to synchronize two accounts on my phone: a personal one through my nextcloud instance, and a work one through davmail to hide the exchange silliness. This setup used to work wonders on my old phone (nokia 7.1), but a very strange problem appears on my new phone (xiami mi a3, running android one):

    • On nextcloud, the synchronization works fine, nothing to report
    • Through davmail, extra calendars (like the shared calendar for national holidays) are synced
    • But the main calendar (simply named “Calendar” on outlook and which cannot be renamed) and contact group do not appear in the app!

    I have tested adding other extra calendars, and they get picked up immediately. But no matter what I do, the main calendar is a no-show.

    Please find here the davx5 verbose logs of a configuration + synchronization. I think I saw the mention of the main “Calendar”, but I’m not sure how to interpret it.

    Thank you very much!

  • developer


    What is the URL you would expected to be detected as “Calendar”?

    If it is https://xxxx:1080/users/xxx@xxx/calendar/: this URL is defined as homeset. DAVx⁵ detects it as a home set, and assumes that a homeset is a collection that contains calendar collection, i.e. it’s not a calendar collection itself.

    However, Davmail seems to report the same collection as homeset and calendar collection. I think that’s the problem.

    As I understand it, a homeset should contain the calendar collections and not be a calendar collection (see link above). Maybe you can contact Davmail about their opinion about that?

  • Thank you for your quick reply!

    I managed to revive my old phone where it did work, at least long enough to get the logs on its own davx5: https://pastebin.com/BJVD0p8D

    Another point I noticed, is that the old phone also received a carddav contact group, which the new phone doesn’t. Maybe the homeset/collection collision is a false flag? In any case, I’m reading up on it, and will open an issue on the davmail tracker as soon as I understand it enough to explain the problem!

    Thanks again,

  • Running into the same issue that my main calendar from DavMail is not showing up.

    Github Issue is tracked here: https://github.com/mguessan/davmail/issues/75

  • developer

    @bmmeijers @Chewie Can you please try if this is fixed with 2.6.3-beta6 (get beta here)?

  • developer

    Also, can you provide a test account so that we can give DavMail a try ourselves?

  • @rfc2822 I downloaded from f-droid, where this is not yet available, correct?

  • developer

    @bmmeijers No. I can send an APK but it will have another signature as the F-Droid signature, so you would have to uninstall the F-Droid version and not get updates. But we have already released 2.6.3 so it should appear in F-Droid soon…

  • @rfc2822 Sorry, this DavMail server is setup by the IT department of the university, and I don’t have that possibility to make extra accounts. I can test once 2.6.3 is available on F-droid (or you send me the APK version, then I’ll test right away) and come back to you.

  • developer

    @bmmeijers I have sent it over email.

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