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    I can’t reproduce that with importing the event to Google Calendar. I have downloaded the .ics, imported it with Google Calendar and it always shows 15:00 (and never 16:00). Can you please provide the exact steps (including time zone of your device) to get this working with Google Calendar?

  • @rfc2822 ,

    1. login into https://calendar.google.com/calendar
    2. click “+” above “other calendars” and then click “Import”.
    3. choose the ICS file week_meeting.ics I provided and click “Import”.
    4. go back to the calendar and check the events.

    the time zone settings of my google calendar as below:

    btw, I logged in google account in my android phone (Huawei LYA-AL00, EMUI, timezone UTC+8). I check the imported events in the google calendar app, they are all correct (16:00 out of DST).
    But when I check the ICSx5 subscripted events (https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/xxx@xxx.com/.../.../reachcalendar.ics) in google calendar app, they are wrong (15:00 out of DST).

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    Thanks for the information. I have verified that Google Calendar stores the event in Europa/Amsterdam time zone, which has DST:

    Row: 3 originalAllDay=NULL, account_type=com.google, exrule=NULL, mutators=NULL, originalInstanceTime=NULL, allDay=0, allowedReminders=0,1,2, rrule=FREQ=WEEKLY;UNTIL=20191218T080000Z;INTERVAL=1;WKST=MO;BYDAY=WE, canOrganizerRespond=1, lastDate=1576657800000, visible=1, calendar_id=2, hasExtendedProperties=0, calendar_access_level=200, selfAttendeeStatus=0, allowedAvailability=0,1, eventColor_index=NULL, isOrganizer=1, _sync_id=_60q30c1g60o30e1i60o4ac1g60rj8gpl88rj2c1h84s34h9g60s30c1g60o30c1g74o3edho6914aci270s48d9g64o30c1g60o30c1g60o30c1g60o32c1g60o30c1g6srkcdi38h0j6ghm6cq32c1k88sk4gph8l23acpp64ojihhl6ks0, calendar_color_index=23, _id=55, guestsCanInviteOthers=1, allowedAttendeeTypes=0,1,2, dtstart=1571814000000, guestsCanSeeGuests=1, sync_data9=16, sync_data8=NULL, exdate=NULL, sync_data7=NULL, sync_data6=NULL, sync_data1=040000008200E00074C5B7101A82E00800000000907682BE2B88D50100000000000000001000000077F6CDA3B634104B9BC1ED539119F558, description=…, eventTimezone=Europe/Amsterdam, availability=0, title=Weekly Meeting - bla bla bla, ownerAccount=haqurqs12unl3029hrqnt6lnrg23iclp@import.calendar.google.com, sync_data5=2019-11-22T17:33:44.910Z, sync_data4=“3148888049820000”, sync_data3=NULL, sync_data2=1, duration=P1800S, lastSynced=0, guestsCanModify=0, cal_sync3=NULL, rdate=NULL, cal_sync2=NULL, maxReminders=5, isPrimary=0, cal_sync1=haqurqs12unl3029hrqnt6lnrg23iclp@import.calendar.google.com, cal_sync10=NULL, account_name=xxxxxxx, cal_sync7=NULL, cal_sync6=NULL, cal_sync5=0, cal_sync4=1, calendar_color=-3312410, cal_sync9=NULL, cal_sync8=1574445720090, dirty=0, calendar_timezone=UTC, accessLevel=3, eventLocation=Skype-Besprechung, hasAlarm=0, uid2445=NULL, deleted=0, eventColor=NULL, organizer=haqurqs12unl3029hrqnt6lnrg23iclp@import.calendar.google.com, eventStatus=1, customAppUri=NULL, canModifyTimeZone=1, eventEndTimezone=NULL, customAppPackage=NULL, original_sync_id=NULL, hasAttendeeData=1, displayColor=-3312410, dtend=NULL, original_id=NULL, sync_data10=NULL, calendar_displayName=Test 1

    In this case, it works because the RRULE applies to a time zone with DST.

    Now the question is: Where shall ICSx⁵ know from that the best match for “W. Europe Standard Time” is some European time zone with DST (like Europe/Amsterdam)? I can only imagine hardcoded mapping, but I’d like to avoid that 😕

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    Should be fixed by https://gitlab.com/bitfireAT/ical4android/commit/9459f80ddf32dec83969848428b949a649ff2502.

    I have uploaded 1.8.6-beta1 to Google Play. Can you become a beta tester and try whether this works:

    1. update ICSx⁵ to 1.8.6-beta1
    2. unsubscribe from the questionable feed
    3. subscribe to it again
    4. force sync
    5. times should be fixed

  • @rfc2822 , I’ll try and provide a feedback later.
    I don’t think hardcoded mapping is a good way. Google calendar doesn’t do like this. You can try to import this ICS file to google calendar week_meeting_hello.ics . In this file, the TZID is “HelloWorld”. Google calendar can handle it well too.
    I guess it treats the below info as “Europe/Amsterdam” other than a string “W. Europe Standard Time”

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    @HFTB6JM8 Maybe it handles all unknown timezones as Europe/Amsterdam (like DAVx⁵ when the device timezone is Europe/Amsterdam)… what are your primary and secondary time zones in Google Calendar (in the Web) settings?

  • @rfc2822 , as you can see in the above thread, primary is CST, secondary is none.
    alt text

  • developer

    Ah, OK.

    So I’ll wait whether you can confirm that it’s now working with the latest beta before relasing it.

  • @rfc2822 , I just received the beta update. It works well with “W. Europe Standard Time”. Thank you very much.

  • developer

    Thanks for the update! The fix will be contained in the next release.

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