Previously synced contacts are not "updated" when support for a new field is added

  • When support for a new field gets added to DAVdroid, contacts that were synced before that field was supported do not get updated with the field. E.g. if I had a contact with an address before that field was supported, it still would not get synced by DAVdroid even after support for it was added. The best current workaround seems to be to remove and re-add the account to DAVdroid.

  • developer

    I don’t understand this. As soon as you have a DAVdroid version that can handle a certain field, it can handle it for all entries.

    Please provide steps to reproduce.

  • developer

    I understand now. Of course, if the previous DAVdroid version doesn’t understand addresses, it can’t import them. When the new DAVdroid version (which supports addresses) is installed, it doesn’t see that the contact has changed (because the ETag is the same), and doesn’t sync it again. Thats desired behaviour because contacts that haven’t changed shouldn’t be downloaded again.

    Yes, the solution is to read the Changelog and if new fields that you use are added, remove and add the account again.

  • Yes, that is exactly the issue. Your solution is the current one I’ve been using, which works fine, but I figured I’d mention it since “normal” users typically don’t real changelogs.

    P.S. Thanks for DAVdroid. I love it!

  • developer

    DAVdroid is in alpha state, and considering version compatibility would be too much efforts for too little results. I know that this is not ideal but I think it’s the best compromise.

  • Seems perfectly reasonable. Just figured I’d mention it in case it had slipped by.

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