• I just set up ICSx5 to sync my Google calendar to my phone. (Glad I finally found a way to do this without linking my google account to my phone)

    I have a little problem/question: The calendar I’m subscribing to has a lot of events, and I RSVP to them in the Google Calendar web interface. Events I accept turn solid blue, whereas others are only a blue outline. This helps me organize the calendar and focus on what’s important.

    On my phone, all the events are displayed as outlines (as if I had not RSVPed to them), with the only exception being events that I added to my calendar that do not have a guest list. For events with a guest list, even if I accepted them, they show as “not RSVPed” on my phone. This goes both for events I created myself and for events I was invited to.

    I guess my phone doesn’t know which one of the invited guests is me and thus cannot determine whether I have RSVPed. Is there some way of configuring this?

    Thanks for the help!

  • developer


    Can you provide an actual iCalendar resource (.ics file) and how it is displayed on your phone and how you would expect it to be displayed?

    Maybe there is a problem with the ORGANIZER, because the account name is not your organizer email address. It should be noted that ICSx⁵ has not been designed for scheduling support.

  • Thank you for your reply!

    Unfortunately I really can’t provide the ICS, since this is my work calendar. It contains confidential information, and it is also huge so it’s hard to anonymize it.

    But I have taken the screenshots:

    Events as displayed in Google Calendar (web):
    Events as displayed in Google Calendar (web)

    Events as displayed in the Google Calendar app (phone)
    Events as displayed in the Google Calendar app (phone)

    I suspect you are right about the ORGANIZER (or ATTENDEE, in case the organizer is not me). My work email address, which is associated with the calendar, is not present as an account on my phone. And although I did use my email address as the calendar’s name in ICSx5, it appears that that is not recognized as an account within android, and so the google calendar app wouldn’t know about it.

    I hoped that maybe there’s a trick or setting to tell the calendar app which email address is me, so that it could color the events accordingly when the email address is in the ORGANIZER or ATTENDEE information. But I do not want to add my work google account to my personal phone as an android google account, so I’d need some sort of workaround there.

    Perhaps you have an idea?

  • developer

    The problem only occurs on scheduled events (with attendees).

    I think the problem is that ICSx⁵ and/or Android can’t know who are you. Let’s assume there is an event with attendees A, B and C. A has accepted, B is invited and C has declined. Now you import the iCalendar to your device. Where should the device know from whether you are A, B or C, and thus which status information should be shown? Are you A (in this case the event should be shown as attended), or B/C (only outline)?

    I wouldn’t do scheduling over subscribed iCalendars. Normally, this should be done over CalDAV. Then you can set the account name to your email address. Then the system knows who you are (by email address) and can mark the events correctly.

    If you need scheduling, I recommend using CalDAV and DAVx⁵. Note that Android has very limited scheduling capabilities but on this level, it should work.

  • Thank you for the insight. It is as I suspect (the phone does not know which attendee is me). I was simply hoping that maybe there is a way to tell my phone who I am so it can figure that out. That seems to be not possible.

    I used to have a caldav integration but it was a hacky mess with importing the Google calendar into my personal caldav server (radicale) which is synced to my phone using DAVx5. It worked but duplicated events sometimes, which is why I switched to ICSx5.

    I will maybe reconsider my current setup again. Thanks for all the answers!


  • developer

    I see. Unfortunately, Google CalDAV is also very tricky, but people have reported to get it working with DAVx⁵ (see the forum for details). Maybe you can use it directly with DAVx⁵; or otherwise a real CalDAV service.

  • Thanks for the pointer. After some trial and error, I actually successfully set up CalDAV using DAVx5 using the endpoint https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/email@company.com/events/ and an app password - and I was happy to find that the RSVP status now displays correctly!

    However I had to make sure that the account name I configured in DAVx5 exactly corresponded to my company email address (which is also my calendar ID). At first I had used a different account name and then RSVP did not display correctly.

    But now everything works the way I want it to. Thanks for the amazing help!

  • admin

    You’re welcome. Nice that it worked out and thanks for the details of what you did.

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