Calendar app see no calendars on Leanage OS

  • Hi!

    My device is Wileyfox Swift on Leanage OS 16 with MicroG (16.0-2019-1021-microG-crackling). DAVx5 2.5.5-ose (302) from the F-Droid market.

    The issue is the stock Calendar application see no my calendars. Also I tried a couple of calendar apps from F-Droid, but also without any success.

    There is DAVx5 log and logcat taken while I opened the Calendar app and tried to update list of calendars:

  • admin

    As I can see in the logs data is transferred correctly and stored in Androids calendar storage. From there all calendars apps can read the data. So basically our job with DAVx5 itself is done… Did you make sure that your calendars are active in the calendar app? You need to switch them to “activated” in order to be displayed. Maybe there is a bug in the latest lineage or maybe you did not grant permission to the calendar app to read from the storage. or maybe there is a privacy guard active that hinders the functionality.

  • It was some issue with Privacy Guard indeed. Thank you! After dropping PG settings I see my calendars at last.

  • admin

    Okay 🙂 Great that it works now!

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