DAVx⁵ 2.6 Release Notes

  • developer

    Version 2.6

    • Android 10-ready
      • WiFi SSID restriction: ask for background location permission
    • implement Nextcloud login flow (supported by Nextcloud Android app 3.9.0+; see video below). The new API is documented in our manual.
    • AccountList fragment: Show “Network unavailable” message if there is no Internet connection
    • keep “force read only” flag when refreshing collections
    • library updates

    DAVx⁵ 2.6 with Nextcloud Login Flow and 2FA

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    Version 2.6.1

    • tasks:
      • subtasks support¹
      • save/restore CATEGORIES, RELATED-TO, unknown properties
    • events: better handling for EMAIL reminders
    • login with URL: assume https:// URI scheme if none given


    ¹ At the moment, OpenTasks can only store task relations, but doesn’t visualize them. See https://www.davx5.com/faq/tasks/advanced-task-features for more information.

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    Version 2.6.2

    • add new sync extra: SYNC_EXTRAS_PRIORITY_COLLECTIONS, which can be used by calendar/task apps (see in-code documentation)
    • improve vCard compatibility (non-standard TYPE=OTHER is now interpreted)
    • use new Material theme
    • other improvements and bug fixes

  • developer

    Version 2.6.3

    • account settings: new setting “default reminder”; improved re-loading of entries when settings which have impact on parsing/processing are changed
    • improved resource detection: detect address books/calendars when they are identical with their home-set
    • link to privacy policy added to navigation drawer
    • vCard sync: improve compatibility (for instance with Samsung “Edge panel”)
    • minor improvements and bug fixes


  • developer


    Updated libraries, including okhttp, to fix a crash when resource detection with HTTP/2 connections is cancelled by user

  • developer

    Version 2.6.4

    • calendar sync: delete exceptions from events when events are mass-deleted, too
    • events/tasks: improve handling of VALARM (REL=END, VALUE=DATE-TIME)
    • Webcal calendars: use UrlUtils.equals to find matching calendar
    • new translation and libraries

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