• Hi,

    i use davx to sync my task on the smartphone and my kolab groupware server. for a couple of month this was working without a problem. but since a couple of days, i get the error “HTTP-Serverfehler - Server didn´t provide ETag”. Unfortunaly i didn´t remeber if i update kolab or davx bevor the problem occure.

    The complete error log from davx can be found here

    Will be nice if somebody can help me with this problem.



  • admin

    An E-Tag is required for a CalDAV/CardDAV server to determine potential ongoing changes. If the server didn’t provide one then the synchronization can’t work - because of that DAVx5 does display the error here… You need to fix this on the server side. In some special cases restrictive firewalls are filtering some traffic, which could also cause such a behaviour.

  • developer

    Often, there are caching proxies or Web server directives that filter the ETag header. This header is required for CalDAV/CardDAV.

  • OK, so i can ask the kolab people if they have any idea about the problem.

    But like i wrote bevor, it was working with this config for a couple of month without any problems. also my network settings didn´t changed in the last month…

    And i have no idea where i can check this on the kolab site… But i hope i will get this fixed.

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