Can't sync from my Android to Nextcloud, only Nextcloud to Android

  • I’ve installed DAVx5 on my Android (Samsung Galaxy S9, if it matters) and I can sync my Nextcloud calendar to my phone, but I can’t sync my phone to Nextcloud; in other words, it’s only working one way. Nextcloud is version 16.0.5, running on Ubuntu Server LTS 18.04. I can sync Thunderbird Lightning to Nextcloud, and Nextcloud to Lightning, so I don’t think this is a Nextcloud issue, but I’m willing to be proven wrong. Further details upon request, and I’m looking forward to learning more about this.

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    How do you see that it only works on one direction? Can you please provide exact steps to reproduce the problem? Existing calendar entries from other accounts (Google calendar, …) won’t be synced, only new events which are entered into the respective DAVx⁵ account.

  • I’ve created test events both on the Android and in Nextcloud. The Nextcloud event syncs to the Android, but the Android event doesn’t go anywhere. I’ve tried deleting the account on my Android and recreating it; no joy. All of the test events were set in the future by a couple of hours so there’s no concern of expired events not being synced.

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    @DaddyWarlock did you make sure to choose the correct destination when you create an event? There is a drop-down in the event dialog where you need to choose your DAVx5-Nextcloud-account. Did you select the correct calendar?

  • @devvv4ever Is that a per-entry dropdown? I see a field for “Storage location” when I create a calendar, but not when I create an event in my Android calendar. Does that make any sense at all?
    Anyway, there’s only one location in the “Storage location” dropdown, and it appears to be the right one. Is there a way to add a different destination if this one is wrong?

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    @DaddyWarlock Yes, there should be a list of possible accounts to choose from. It is shown here for example: (3:25 - 3:45). Maybe your calendar app does not offer this option? Then you would need to use a different calendar app.

  • Okay, I deleted my account and re-created it, with three calendars to sync: Personal, My calendar, and Contact birthdays. I’ve checked the links on all three, and they match both on the Android and in Nextcloud. I can still only sync one-way, Nextcloud to Android.

    Just as a point of reference, the Calendar app I’m using is just the basic Android Calendar, version in case anyone wondered.

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    Just as a point of reference, the Calendar app I’m using is just the basic Android Calendar, version in case anyone wondered.

    Which manufacturer?

    Just for testing - please try another calendar app. etar, acalendar+, business calendar 2, digical, or the Google Calendar app.

  • Samsung, on the Sprint network, if that makes a difference.

  • admin

    Which alternative app of the above did you try?

  • @DaddyWarlock I tried to create an appointment using the internal calendar app on my Samsung S7 and realized that it wasn’t added/displayed although I selected the correct destination/calendar.
    Repeating the previous steps using the Google calendar app worked fine and an event was created successfully. From my point of view the Samsung calendar app are causing the mentioned trouble.

  • @devvv4ever I tried aCalendar+ with no success. Thing of it is, I seem to remember the basic Android calendar working before, when I was only using Nextcloud on my home LAN. Since my website went live it hasn’t worked.

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