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    I would like to use DAVx5 app for android devices managed by Google Cloud Identity Premium (EMM from Google).
    On google admin I configured an app whitelist to restrict which apps users can install on their devices, unfortunately we cannot add DAVx5 app to the whitelist because “This app has not been made available for group license purchases.”
    So we have temporarily disabled the restriction then purchased the app for some devices, then re-enabled the restriction. It works but the disadvantage is we have no updates of the app any more because it is not in the whitelist.
    Then I saw the “Managed DAVx5” app. I added it to the whitelist, then I wanted to add a managed configuration but when I click “CREATE NEW MANAGED CONFIGURATION” it opens an empty form. I tried it many times for 2 months.

    Have you any idea how we can use DAVx5 and get updates correctly on Android devices with such restrictions ?

  • admin


    Managed DAVx5 is the correct app for EMM/MDM solutions because it offers all the restictions and customization options which can be set from the distance for the devices.
    DAVx5 itself can’t be rolled out because Google does not offer mass-purchasing for paid apps outside of USA and Canada. You can only roll-out free apps such as Managed DAVx5, which you will have to get a seperate license key from us to be used.

    Please get in contact with us via play@bitfire.at to discuss the details!
    Best regards,

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