Please make entering http(s):// for the BASIS-URL optional

  • At first thank you for the great app!
    When I enter the Basis-URL for the first Login, I am forced to enter also http:// or https://. I think I shouldn’t be forced to do that, since it is much more convenient not having to do that. Instead you could add a dropdown-menu with the two options http:// and https://. I think https:// should then be the default.
    Thank you!

  • thank you for the suggestion!

  • developer

    We already had that, but I found it inconvient to paste URLs into a field with separated URL scheme. Also, I think that http:// shouldn’t even be available as a dropdown because of its security implications. Maybe we can prepend https:// to an URL if it doesn’t have a scheme instead?

  • @rfc2822 That sounds really nice! 👍

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