• I just started using DAVx5 to sync my mobile contacts with Zimbra. Most contacts were recognized and synced. But when I create a new contact on my phone, it will not get synced with Zimbra server, although it is belonging to that account.
    Any ideas how to solve?

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    So you’re sure that you have added the contact to the correct account? Does it work when you edit contacts?

    What do debug info & logs say?

  • Yes, I’m sure. And I checked it twice again with creating a new contact. I use the Zimbra account. Even after editing (adding adress) synchronization doesn’t work.
    And a few contacts without tel-number are stored at server, but are not synced to mobile, although I checked it.
    Adding images to the other contacts brings the images to the server when syncing. So that is working…
    In the past I used Zcard app for it until that didn’t work either…

  • I forgot to mention that the logs don’t show anything to me in this case.

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    • Debug info shows which URLs are configured, Android version, etc.
    • The logs would show whether there is a new contact, and whether it is being uploaded, the server response etc.
    • Server logs would be interesting, too

    All these things are required - how am I supposed to help you without information?

  • I understand. Since there are sensitive data (email-Adress, server-adress…) I don’t want to publish the log.txt here. How can we solve that?

  • Without the logs I could find out what caused the problem: It is the dial- and contacts- app “Drupe”, that obviously isn’t able to manage the contacts- accounts properly.
    I installed another app for it and now its working fine.
    Problem solved.

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    @Dan-cer Thanks for the update! Good that it now works for you 🙂

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