Huawei P20 - one calendar in app but multiple selcted for sync

  • We’re using davx5 on two huawei devices (p20 and mate 20).
    Both of them using the same nextcloud 16.0.3 as caldav und carddav backend, but different user-accounts.
    When adding a new account to davx5, in davx5 erverthing is fine. We mark all calendars and let them sync. But in the calendar-app only one calendar is showing.
    When deselect the calendar that is showing, one other is shown in the calendar app.

    At one device davx5 had worked for long time with multiple calendars. There ist everthing fine if deselect and select calendars.

    Is there a known issue?


    davx5 logfile.txt

  • admin

    We really need the debug info to have a closer look at any issue. Can you post it please? There is no sensitive data in it. You can find it in the DAVx5 app drawer in preferences at the very top.

  • just uploaded it as attachment to my first post. I’ve replaced the urls with placeholders.

  • admin

    I don’t see any changes in your post. What you’ve posted is the log file which is different to the debug info.

  • oh, im sorry.
    Attachment deleted

    Just did one more test.
    I’ve added my account a second time at the same device. There is the same issue. The mainAccount wokrs fine, but the account test2 with same settings and credentionals and all calendars selected for sync does just show one calendar in the calendar app.

  • developer

    Did you already try another calendar app, for instance aCalendar? According to your logs, multiple calendars should be available on your device.

  • I’ve download aCalendar on both devices and it works with this apps.
    So it doens’t seem to be your problem.


  • developer

    Unfortunately, I dont know why some calendar apps have problems… maybe resetting them will help, too. Or just use another one 🙂

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