• @rfc2822 My case leading to data loss.
    What was:

    1. VPS1 with owncloud (calendar+contacts).
    2. Smartphone, synchronized with VPS1
    3. Some new contacts and calendar events, not yet synchronized.

    What happened:

    1. VPS1 was removed.
    2. VPS2 was created (as clone of VPS2).

    The issue:

    1. Created new account ICSx⁵ and got duplicates.
    2. Removed old account.
    3. Not yet synchronized data was lost.
  • developer

    @Creator Do you mean ICSx⁵ or DAVx⁵? How can there be data loss with ICSx⁵, when it’s only in one direction?

    For DAVx⁵: Yes, if you delete the account with unsynchronized data (data inserted on the client and sync was never run), these data are lost.

  • @rfc2822 said in Allow editing of calendar url:

    Do you mean ICSx⁵ or DAVx⁵?

    Ah, sure, I mean DAVx⁵

  • admin

    Editing the server URL is not really possible, because internally this is a very complex matter and there are many possibilities for data loss because data has internally to be copied partially (only the unsynced data?) to a new calendar/address book. There are so many cases where this could result in chaos, so we probably will never add this feature. All you can do is create the second account, export unsynced data manually on the device from the first account and import it to the newly created second account. There are helper apps like ical Import/Export afaik.

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