data loss due multi-way sync with netxtcloud 16.01

  • I am using Nextcloud 16.01 as CALDAV and CARDDAV source with the Calendar, Contacts and Tasks inside of Netxtcloud. There are really working fine. On my Linux workstation I am using Lightning add-on togther with the “Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV” add-on. And of course DAVX5 for synchronisation of calandars and addresses. I was satisfied with this setup unril I lost a lot of contacts during multi-way synchronisation:

    My wife was adding severals contacts to her mobile phone into the defined DAVX5 address book. I tried to get them but instead of receiving the new adresses and phone numbers a lot of other contcacts have been deleted.
    Do you know how to debug this issue??

  • admin

    Sounds very weird. Which versions of DAVx5 do you both use? Can you reproduce this error in a test environment? You can activate extended logging to see whats happening during sync - the option is found in the DAVx5 app settings.

  • developer

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