Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set up a Caldav calendar ( here).
  2. With DAVx5 connect to this calendar.
  3. Cause an sync error. In this case deleting a recurrent birthday reminder caused an error 403 (Forbidden) from the server.

Current behaviour:

  • DAVx5 writes a log file with technical error information (e. g. HTTP request and response, technical device information, Java stacktrace). The information might help the developer, but it doesn’t help a non-tech user at all.
  • The information about the failure appears as a tiny icon in the status bar only, where it can easily be overlooked.

Expected behaviour:

  • DAVx5 informs the user in a visible message, in understandable, non-tech words that it could not synchronize, which item is affected (the displayed name of the contact, date or task), what caused the error, how he/she can solve the problem and go on. For instance see, chapter 3.
  • If the log file is needed for the developer, DAVx5 helps the end-user with easy-to-follow steps to send it to the developer.