Two in-sync servers and one or more clients

  • Hi. First post here, really enjoyed reading about Davx5.

    For several years I’ve had a very simple (ahem, not entirely FOSS) CalDav and CardDav setup: Fruux as the server synching with a desktop client and a phone.

    I’m reviewing my set up currently and want to assess whether a unified self-deployed cloud of the Nextcloud type stands up. The obvious approach would be to shift sever responsibilites to NC, mothball Fruux and life goes on as normal. However trying out a new (for me), complex product vested with such important data makes me nervous. Therefore I would like to keep Fruux running AND perfectly synchronized with the NC CalDav and CardDav server and attach the clients likely to the NC server (given this is what I’m testing) which will propogate to Fruux (which, de facto, becomes a backup).

    I appreciate this may need additional software - I had a brief look at vdirsyncher but couldn’t quite fit it into the picture (which is not to say it doesn’t). And there are definitely other packages looking to faciliate connections of these types.

    I also appreciate I may need to go to NC directly but my guess is people working with Davx5 are going to have more of the specialized knowledge I’m looking for.

    P.S. given my aim is to have a redundant server-based copy of the data, it occurred to me that if I could find a backup solution for Fruux which would trigger Fruux to save its calendar and contacts in the moment every time the NC server update, that would probably work. Could get quite pesky though. Or I buy another phone, link one to Fruux, another to NC and see if it’s possible to synchronise the phones at the client level, thereby avoiding any server connections.

  • admin

    Afaik there is no software that allows you to sync with x servers and concurrently with x clients and keep everything in sync. You can only have one server for a “server wins” architecture. Ofc there is the possibility of mirroring or clustering on the server side but with 2 different types of servers (fruux and NC for instance) this would not be possible for various reasons.

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