DAVx5 CardDAV Accounts sometimes don't show up as options in android apps for contact storage

  • I am using DAVx5 Version 2.5-ose installed from F-Droid.

    I have connected to two CardDAV accounts on my Nextcloud server. When creating a new contact on my Android (version 8.0.0) phone using the contact app I can choose to save to these accounts and they are synchronized. However, several apps, for example K-9 Mail, do not seem to have access to these accounts. In K-9 mail I can only see my phone contacts. In another unrelated business card scanning app, the only accounts available to save contact details are my local phone and google account, the DAVx accounts aren’t an option. The phone is a Sony xperia F5321.

    Any suggestions?

  • developer


    I can’t reproduce that on my FP2 with Android 7, DAVx5 v2.5 and K-9 v5.600; all DAVx5 contacts are suggested as recipients.

  • I’m happy to supply other information if it will help!

  • developer

    @crobar If possible, can you try on other devices? To have a look at that, we would be able to reproduce it first.

  • I might be able to try on another device next week, will update if I can reproduce

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