2.5-ose bug : Crash on account creation

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    Hi coders!

    After the steps of filling in baseURL, username and password one is prompted for the final account name (called email?!) and in this step the app crashes. This does not happen with the same account data in so this is a regression. When then restarting the app, the account seems to exist but is nonfunctional. The account created looks fine but when pressing the sync button there are not even any IP packets sent to the server in question. There is no error message neither.

    There is nothing about the account in the debug info nor does the “verbose logging” option give any more logs.

    The baseURL of the account can not be checked or changed after that the account is created (only username and password). This limits the ability to check how the app is configured considerably.

    • Your regression testing is lacking
    • Your error handing towards the user is lacking
    • Your config options are lacking

    The last two are probably in the name of making it easy for the user but while simple is good, oversimplifiction is bad.

    When the username is part of the URL (which is not a requirement as I see it) it may be possible to create a working account with 2.5. When using shared calenders (baseURL something like https://server:port/shared/) the username is not part of the URL. If there are constraints on the baseURL, then there should be an error message if these are not met.

    My guess for the cause would be a null pointer derefernce due to sloppy coding and then saving an empty baseURL into the config.

    Server: Radicale 2.1.8 (but as said, not even contacted)

    Android version 6.0.1 LTE_D0201121.0_S60_0.038.00
    Device: BullitGroupLimited S60 (CatS60)

    In hope that this helps you to make a better app and regards,

  • developer


    Thanks for your report! Did you use the open-source version? Please feel free to

    • add more regression tests (we always need more tests! especially UI tests),
    • improve error handling,
    • improve config options and the settings manager.
  • admin

    If you want us to fix things you should maybe talk in a different (maybe more kind?) way to us, otherwise we most probably won’t have any motivation to look at this problem ☺

  • Sorry if theis was not a “kind” posting, but after sitting for 3 hours with this and funbling in the dark, the frustration level was quite high. This PITA one gets for not accepting to share all personal data with G. by default. 😉

    Did you use the open-source version?

    It did say 2.5-ose in the Subject, so if that is OpenSourceEdition then yes. Downloaded from the link on F-Droid.

    Please feel free to (…)

    I feel free to do such things in the open source projects I have been active in through the years, thanks.

    we most probably won’t have any motivation to look at this problem

    To motivate the fix of this bug (fixing a crash on user input is a serious bugfix and not a feature request) it should not be necessary to rub the right way. If this would have been closed source I would have be forced to give a one star rating (with refund if I would have payed for it) and move on. Instead you got a bug report which might be useful.


  • developer

    Did you update from 2.4 to 2.5 and/or try a fresh 2.5 installation?

  • @rfc2822 Fresh.

  • developer

    @habazut I see. Excellent.

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